lisbon, a unique city resort

Lisboa, a city of many charms. Its sympathy, the colorful light reflected in the buildings, the magnificent scenery, its cultural identity as genuine and unique hospitality is a truly welcome card. Read more

alentejo, time is everything

Golden plains that disappear out of sight combine with the sun and the heat to impose their own slow, steady rhythm. This is the Alentejo. Read more

azores, sculptured by nature

Think of a place to the west, where the nature and vegetation are pure and untouched, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Read more

porto, the roots of history

Second largest and most important city in the country. It’s also known as the capital of the greener and most beautiful of the Portuguese regions and where Portugal was founded.

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experience a different algarve

Check our Great weather. With over 300 days of sunshine a year, mild winters, hot summers tempered by Atlantic breezes, and warm, sunny shoulder seasons, it's an ideal location for business and pleasure.

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Winners Circle Deutsche Telekom

The Challenge: Deutsche Telekom has awarded the best employees through their Incentive Program "Winners Circle" with an unforgettable trip to Lisbon. The aim of the event was to honor and reward the best employees in 1000 providing a unique and memorable way. Read more

madeira, the pearl of atlantic ocean

The sympathy, the warm climate and hospitality of Madeira people are the trademark of Madeira and its people. Read more

estoril, one place, a thousand sensations

Estoril, a world-famous resort, is a true cosmopolitan centre with wonderful nightlife and all the infrastructure for a summer centre - beaches, excellent hotels, golf courses, a casino and even a motor-racing circuit. Read more

centro de portugal, a region of warm hospitality

The Centro de Portugal is home to some of the oldest examples of Portuguese history. Read more


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B2B Citur

portugal promotional tourism film

stage production & decor

We provide top class stage production and event decoration to inspire and motivate your guests.

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the oldest barber shop

Do you know where is located the oldest Barber shop in Europe ?

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fado song: world heritage

Fado has just been given World Heritage status by UNESCO. Buenos Aires presents tango and Seville has flamenco - but Fado is not a dance or even music, it is the exposure of emotions to the sound of a guitar.

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Even though we at Citur, believe that you’ll never forget your meeting or incentive in Portugal, we want you to take home something more than just a memory.

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guess why we are known for chosing original venues

There are all kinds of historic, typical and original venues, which could be suitable for your event. At Citur we are always searching for the unusual, the unexpected and the outstanding for your guests.

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