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experience a different algarve

Algarve lies in the extreme south of Portugal, delimited by a range of hills that shelter the coast from strong winds, the sea on the South and the Guadiana river on the eastern side.
The region is a compact, well-defined and historically ancient province, quite distinct from the rest of the country a unique jewel where the finest beaches and weather meet traditional historical Portugal.

The sun and sea dominate the atmosphere, granting the ideal qualities of a holiday paradise. The Algarve has something to offer everyone: tempting golf courses, superb tennis and riding, and every water sport you can imagine.
There’s also an excellent choice of accommodation, meeting facilities, several local markets to choose from traditionally made handicrafts such as mat grass baskets and rugs, beautiful hand-painted pottery and tiles, beaten copperware and intricate bobbin lace.

For a wealth of sports, boisterous nightlife, beautiful scenery and glorious sunshine throughout the year, the Algarve cannot be beaten.

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