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B2B Citur

come ! enjoy it !

Firstly, a briefing will be given to the group as well as the Road Book which contains the main information for this Treasure Hunt. Throughout the city, in which lies the heart of the Algarve, its Past will be relived in every corner and every stone that is a story teller. Deciphering legends, charades and puzzles of Faro’s ancient roots in the places were History was born; each obstacle will represent a possibility of getting closer and closer to the final Treasure, while magic does its work… At the end of this activity, transportation by boat will lead us to the southernmost restaurant of Portugal, unique place to sample specialties of the fish and shellfish of our ocean. Enveloped on the quietness of Island, above the dunes, enjoy the magnificent ocean view in complete harmony with the gentle lull of the birds and the sound of the sea for company. Taste us and have an unforgettable experience!

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