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The seductive coast of the Algarve receives a lot of global media exposure for the beauty of its cliffs, golden beaches, jagged bays and islands of white sand. But the cliché “sun, sea and sand” is increasingly far from the end of Algarve history; there are no shortage of other attractions – water activities (diving, boating, water slide parks) great hotels and resorts, some of the best golf courses in the world, award winning restaurants and others that could be (!) beach clubs and trendy nightclubs, castles (both sand and real!), culture, entertainment, shows, fun …

The Algarve is the most famous secret destination in Europe!
Reason why, is the most popular tourist destination in Portugal. Its population triples to nearly 1.5 million people at the peak of the summer season thanks to seasonal residents, and receives an average of 7 million foreign tourists each year. In total, including national visitors, almost 10 million people choose the Algarve annually for a holiday, corporate events or high quality and exclusive incentive trips.